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Linda Fowler 1 review * * * * *

Michele has been my massage therapist for nearly 20 years now. I can’t imagine my life without her frequent ministrations on behalf of my physical wellness. She is always updating her skills and applying different techniques as appropriate. And the best thing about Michele….she cares!

Lee Grass 1 review * * * * *

Michelle is intuitive and gentle and really knows her stuff. This is the best experience I’ve ever had getting a massage! Highly recommended!

FatCat WebHosting 1 review·1 photo * * * * *

Michele is the absolute best massage therapist I have ever found; she is a natural healer. My right hip and left shoulder had gone out and I was in such pain I could barely walk. I ended up on pain medication and depressed. I saw a couple chiropractors up here in Payson with no relief. I ended up having to drive down to Scottsdale to Dr. Boynton 3 times a week and did get some relief, then I found Michele and she had me off the pain meds within a couple of weeks and feeling like my normal self within a month. She is a master at her craft and did structural therapy on me and other therapies as they were needed. The cupping she did fixed my shoulder that had been painful, like a knife stabbing me, for years. I don’t know what I would have done without her and I highly recommend Payson Massage Therapy to anybody who is in pain or needs to straighten out their bodies. Thank you Michele!

Dale Hardt 1 review * * * * *

Michele is a terrific massage therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to a client’s wishes and/or needs. My husband and I recommend her highly.

Diane Ross Coutu 6 reviews * * * * *

Michelle has been my massage therapist for almost three years and has worked wonders on my aching body. She has healing hands and knows exactly how to get you relief. I highly recommend Michelle!